Special effects

Special Effect use is a way to assign interior exclusivity. Patinated historical atmosphere details, metal surface, rust and gilding may be your special interior elements.


A unique material, which line and character pitch depends on room humidity, the activator application technique and quantity. Binding material for modern interiors.


Powders and paint which allows any surface to achieve an unconventional visual effects and textures, resulting in matt, semi-matt or shiny metal imitate surfaces.


Golden leaves, powders, tapes, foils, paints, varnishes, coating materials. Gold and other metals have different shades- white, red, yellow, green-yellow, warm, cool, gold, renaissance, baroque, victorian vold etc.; in the same way silver, bronze. We offer gold, silver, platinum leaf and imitations.


Green patina through the environment formed naturally, for several years, while using the patination material is likely to give the patina effect in the shortest period of time and on any surface. Visually it gives surfaces historical, antique value.

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